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Punto, Giovanni - 2. Concerto E-major for Horn

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Puntos 2. Concerto E major for horn has appeared at the Parisian music publisher Sieber to 1779. It has to do the typical features of the horn concerts of its time and is quite similar to Antonio Rosettis for the concerts. The 2nd movement a Romance and the 3rd movement in the typical 6/8 rhythm is held so.

He lets already E major trouble Puntos with his plant in the typical one recognize, to grow the middle register besides the solo height virtuosoly " horn-solo key ". In his following concerts this is always improved more than main emphasis of his composition.

Giovanni Punto, or whatever his real name was Jan Vaclav Stich, on 28 September 1746 in Žehušice / Caslav 75 km southeast of Prague born. He was one of "the" great horn virtuoso of the 18th Century joins a well-known and visible in the many Bohemian musicians who fled from their home. His parents were serfs of Count Thun. This trick was trained on the horn. First, he had lessons with Joseph Matiega in Prague (with vocal training), then teaching at Haudek & Hampel in Dresden. 1768 engraving fled from servitude of Count Thun, calling both for camouflage and for better musical "marketing" Giovanni Punto. It was followed by a brief tenure in 1768 in Hechingen Hohenzollerischen services, from 1769 to 1774 he was working for the Elector of Mainz, then to 1780 employed in Würzburg from 1781 Punto played in Paris in the chapel of the Count d'Artois with lifelong pension guarantee. During the frz. Revolution 1795-97, he was orchestra director at the "Vaudeville Theatre in Paris. Left Paris in 1799. From 1769 Punto made numerous concert tours throughout Europe and founded his world famous. Punto Mozart heard during his stay in Paris and was impressed. In 1800 he gave concerts in Vienna and Budapest with Beethoven (Sonata op.17). 1801 Punto returned triumphant return to Prague. Giovanni Punto, died 2/16/1803 in Prague at the "hydrothorax", a time very frequent wind disease.

Further works of Punto are its quintets, op.1 edits as ROM 44, ROM 45, ROM 46 and its 6 quartets, edits as ROM 63 and ROM 64

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