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Belloli, Luigi - Concerto for 3 Horns

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ROM 296b
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The horn-family Belloli is now almost forgotten. Family members are: Belloli Luigi, born in 1770 (other sources speak of 01/02/1769) and died in 1817, his brother Agostino Belloli (1778-1839), Giuseppe Belloli (1775 -?) and the two sons of Luigi Belloli, Giovanni (1794 - after 1846) and Giacomo (1795 -).
All played horn in various orchestras in Italy.
From Luigi, Agostino and Giuseppe Belloli compositions have been preserved.
Luigi Belloli first played in Parma and in 1803 went to the La Scala in Milan as the first hornist. There he worked also in the Conservatory as a teacher until his death 1817. His brother Agostino followed him in his offices.

Concerto in E flat major for 3 Horns (first edition)

This concert was a source of the score with the signature (I-Mc) A-36.5.3 of the Biblioteca del Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi - Milano.
On the front is written:

Dono del Sign. Maestro Ernesto Beretta /Originale / 10 Fbre 1817 /Milano/
Concerto per Tre/ Corni da Caccia di Luigi Belloli

Only a few gigs for 3 horns are preserved in the history of music, much less survive. Be mentioned as a concerto Hanisch of a Bohemian composer, a concerto for three horns by Franz Anton Hoffmeister, which was previously only the middle movement found (edited as ROM 35) and the two concertos by Georg Abraham Schneider (ROM 41 & 42)
Striking about this concert is the great virtuoso of the trumpet, the repeal of the existing borders of the then seemingly using valveless Inventionhorns. Belloli died in 1817 and would not exclude the use of valve horns so that, at this composition, the question would be in the room. It may well be adopted legitimate, which was composed this concerto for the family and Belloli also listed.

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