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Schneider, Georg Abraham - Concerto for 4 Horns

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Georg Abraham Schneider (1770 - 1839)
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Friedrich Schneider in the AMZ 1817 too the first valves:

Concerto for 4 Horns and Orchestra E major

The premiere performance took place in Berlin, 16th October 1818, probably named Concertino for 3 natural horns and one chromatical horn ("Concertino für drei Waldhörner und einem chromatischem Horne").

This concerto is only preserved in a copy of e flat-major. According to the catalogue of Darmstadt, the concerto was originally written in e-major. Thus it will be edited in both versions. The music in e-major will be sold on special order with a fortnight  delivery time (parts, score and piano reduction).
The common version in e flat major is something easier to play in the first horn part, which is composed up to written e'''.

Catalogue Card from Library in Darmstadt:
Highslide JS
from the Library in Darmstadt

The concerti were kept in the library in Darmstadt (court library) and burnt in 1944 during the war. Fortunately, copies were found in a collection in the USA, which were copied before the war (1913/1914) from the music in Darmstadt.

The orchestral parts  is available on loan (hire)!