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Hübler, Carl Heinrich - Concert piece for 4 Horns and Orchestra

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Carl Heinrich Hübler, born on December 4th 1822 in Wachwitz, was employed as hornist at the Dresden court orchestra on November 1st, 1844 and promoted to royal chamber musician on October 16th, 1851. He remained until his retirement in his office (1891). In 1886 he became appointed to the chamber virtuoso in recognition of his merits. For 25 years, Hübler was working in the executive board in the Tonkünstler-Verein to Dresden to whose co-founders he belonged. Hübler died on 14.04.1894 in Dresden.
The appartment of Johann Rudolph Lewy in Dresden was the place, where in October 1849, Hübler played together with the hornists Kieser and Schlitterlau and in presence of the composer Robert Schumann the "concert piece for 4 horns and orchestras op.86" in a first private performance. This event was the reason for Hübler to compose a work of one's own with a profound knowledge of the horn for this instrumentation. He completed his concert piece for 4 horns and orchestras in Dresden 1856.
The new edition was edited under use of the first edition, print by C.A. Klemm in Leipzig.
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Carl Heinrich Hübler: Hornist of the royal court orchestra. Photography at 1877. Source: SLUB: MB.4. 2790, 5 Rara. By a kind approval the German photographic collection Dresden
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